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Rena Kanda

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

My daughter has been with BCDC for a couple of years now and I have to say this is one of the best debate programs in Bergen County. It's a wonderful program with great teachers and coaches that teaches kids not only how to debate but provides life learned lessons all throughout. My daughter got rid off her fear of public speaking, learned how to debate and provide strong arguments on any subject, it definitely helped her with the critical thinking skills and the list goes on and on. Afer only one year in this club, she gave us a great power point presentation on why she should get a dog and won that debate. We got the dog. :-)
Kudos to Oksana and the coaches on building such a geaat club and continuing to do so!

Tanya Gilman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Our son has been a member of BCDC for three years since the beginning of the 6th grade. He loves it tremendously. Oxana and coaches are great. In this time we've seen enormous improvement in his public speaking skills and his confidence. He is a mathy kid, when he started Debates neither he nor us could imagine that he would love it so much! Debates club is a unique place where middle schoolers can work on research and advocacy skills. Can't wait for our younger kids to join the Debates!

Noah Kim

Positive: Communication

BCDC is simply amazing. The coaches there are all supportive and spend lots of time working to help the students. At BCDC, there are opportunities for everyone, and this is clearly reflected by the results of the numerous tournaments BCDC competes in. At this club, I have improved as a debater and a person. In fact, there is large scale improvement at BCDC that I have had the chance to witness throughout my years too. Since last year when I first joined the travel team, I can see how much BCDC really improved, and I see changes in every person. This year has been the best year of BCDC I have been involved in, and there is lots of potential for the new debaters and the future of the club in both the short and long term. Thank you coaches!

Aarav Motivala

I signed up for BCDC a little over a year ago with minimal public speaking skills. Because of their amazing coach and staff, I now have developed skills in many different areas, such as confidence, public speaking, and critical thinking.

There are many reasons why BCDC is such a successful debate academy. I would say the first reason is amazing coordination, as a debate team it is extremely important to be coordinated. Second, is the prep, thanks to the amazing coaches and staff, we as debaters get amazing results at tournaments.

Edward Son

stuff is great; coaches are on point all the time; especially if u get coach ben, your really lucky.


When I started BCDC, I was an awkward child who stuttered a lot. After years of sticking with BCDC, I feel more confident and energetic; during rounds and out, I can speak smoothly and calmly. Thanks to BCDC, my argumentation also improved a ton; during my first tournament, I never even thought about topping; however, as I type this review, I'm going into semi finals at a tournament. Thank you to BCDC, and all the coaches who work there.

Romir Patel

As someone who's been attending bcdc for 3 years, I can easily recommend the club. Our travel team has been doing so well this year, winning multiple tournaments, and getting to late outrounds in others. This can all be attributed to our fantastic coaches who always put in way more effort than any others. I've had the chance to meet so many amazing debaters and people, many of which I'm now very close with. Bcdc is like a second family to me that always helps me achieve my best. When I first started, I like many others was forced into debate by my parents. As the years progressed I started getting more and more attached because of how much fun I was having at bcdc. Overall there's no other option if you value fantastic coaching, great success, and unbeatable prices. You can't go wrong with BCDC.


BCDC is easily one of the best debate schools out there. The coaches are amazing, and BCDC never fails to amaze. Students are taught so well, and the results at tournaments are like no others. If you are in the area and you are looking to get into debate, no other school won't come close to the results you can get here. BCDC preforms extremely well in the national circuits, taking home some sort of victory almost every time. The school is also very fun, and great for middle schoolers especially, and definitely you want to go here.

sreelatha purushothaman

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value


Great club, great coaches and amazing results. I’ve been very impressed by the dedicated coaches and director who take so much of care on the development of kids who go there. They are all very supportive throughout the debate and tournament journey. I’ve loved to see the way the kids grow up in BCDC. Awesome place and great investment for your child’s future.

Julia Gr

Love Bergen County Debate Club! The way they approach debate, with dedication, seriousness, commitment and hard work totally reflects on the kids and their achievements. The coaches and the owners are incredible in going above and beyond to ensure all the kids are interested and to train those who want to go further to take top spots at national tournaments. BCDC is simply one of the best debate clubs in the country! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn and excel at debate.

Rn D

Bergen County Debate Club has been instrumental in helping me come out of my shell and given me the confidence to voice my opinions. It's turned debate into my favorite hobby, and as well as improving my public speaking skills, which have helped me in school presentations and talking formally as well as debate, I've also learned a lot about the world, doing a plethora of topics across all elements of domestic and foreign politics. I've gotten to semifinals at the UPenn tournament, elimination rounds in a lot of others, and made a great network of friends around the country at tournaments. I'd highly recommend BCDC to anyone who wants to improve any of those skills.

Christine Seo

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

While the perception is that only outgoing, extroverted students excel in debate, BCDC helps integrate and foster a diverse community of students from all different backgrounds to understand commitment and dedication. Full of passionate students and coaches that truly go above and beyond to help you improve, the club serves as a second home to many debaters and speech students. The club provides an incredibly unique environment for students to refine their idea of success, and constantly improve and push themselves to new limits. Max, Ben, and Oksana are some of the most brilliant and driven people I have met, and have taught me not only about debate, but critical life skills.

Aiden C

BCDC is a great place to learn debate with amazing coaches and an educational program. This has helped me become a good debator at BCDC.

Cailyn Min

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

As someone who has been a student at BCDC for almost two years, I cannot stress enough the immense impact debate has had on my life. Through BCDC classes and the travel team, I have met some of my closest friends and developed essential skills for higher education and beyond. BCDC's exceptional coaching staff and the director, Oksana, have pushed me to competitive heights I never would have imagined. The coaches constantly go above and beyond to help all students reach their full potential, and I would not be the debater I am today without them. Being a part of BCDC has been an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience and I am positive it will be just as amazing for any student looking to learn and excel in debate.

Andie Park

bcdc is so cool
For real though, their coaches and the people surrounding you are really cool. Everyone's willing to help you and especially the coaches. They will prep you in public speaking, debate, and logic, all in just a few weeks for you to go out there and be able to participate in tournaments. Their help extends there too. I really appreciate what they did to give me an opportunity.

Maggie Maz

Excellent debate program! This was one of the best decisions we have ever made for my son!

Oksana is great! She really cares about each student and she is very professional and supportive.

I would highly recommend Bergen county debate club and I think this is the best gift that you can give to your children. It will help them not only in public speaking but in higher level thinking, writing, researching and overal as a person.

Edward Kang

After my first tournament in Korea, 2019, I wanted an opportunity to continue when I came to the US later that year. Bergen County Debate Club and it's fantastic coaches improved my public speaking and reasoning with personal attention to each and every student. Looking back at when I first joined, I could've never expected to come this far in my debating skills. BCDC coached some of the most successful teams on the circuit, and if you're looking to improve in argumentation and speaking in any way, this club is the way to go. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about BCDC.

Chiyeon Kang

I strongly recommend BCDC for debate.

We have so much wonderful experience for last 3 years.

All coaches are closely interactive with students and keep encouraging them to have more passion. And also BCDC gave us to have chance to join reputable tournaments so we really enjoyed debate as special activity.

Vivian Yip

Bergen County Debate Club is one of the best gifts we gave to our son. The amazing coaches there not only taught him about public speaking but also critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, time management, and much more. The skills he learned will help him for the rest of his life. We are incredibly proud of our son’s success there and wishes every child has the opportunity to have this experience.




Amit Malik

My daughter is in BCDC debate team for roughly a year and already there are massive changes in the way she thinks, analyzes and talks. She frequently checks to see how her ideas in regular life could be better supported or how to respond to opposing claims. She has grown in public speaking, improving in clarity, emphasis, and overall expression and tone. BCDC has taught her how to give a 4 minute speech on a topic where she has little evidence or topic prep, helping her think of ideas on the spot. Through BCDC’s personal teaching she has had success in both tournaments and has been a better thinker.

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