In-Person Classes in Fort Lee, Livingston and Glen Rock

Over 300 students attend and participate every semester in our debate and public speaking classes held in Glen Rock and Fort Lee. Whether your child is new to debate or highly experienced, we offer a class that is suited to meet their needs. Small class sizes - no larger than twelve - allow our coaches to provide hands-on training that is unmatched by other debate programs.

Classes are divided into three parts: public speaking, debate, and critical thinking. The public speaking portion of class trains students in the arts of persuasion and delivery, providing skills that carry over into other domains like school and leadership roles. The debate portion of class develops mastery in argument construction and research, while engaging students to learn more about the world and current events. Finally, classes hone students’ critical thinking skills with fun games like logic puzzles and trivia. Students leave class each week feeling empowered and intellectually curious.  

Every week, students are expected to complete homework assignments that are then checked by coaches. This allows us to keep a record of student progress and track where they need the most assistance. Throughout each semester, parents are invited to meet with our leadership team to receive a report on their student’s progress.

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Maximum Class Size


Class Length

2 Hours

Class Frequency

1 per week

# of Classes Per Term



2024 Fall Term Tuition


Term Duration

Sept 3rd -Dec 15th | Thirteen Weeks

# Hours of Classroom Instruction

26 Hours | 2 Hours Per Week

Makeup Classes & Student Progress Conferences

Two Private Makeups and Conferences

Homework Checks

Complimentary Prep for Bergen Debate Semi-Annual Club Tournament

Additional Services

Travel Team

Students who have attended The Bergen Debate Club for at least a year are encouraged to join our travel team. Over the course of a debate season, members will compete at prestigious state and national level tournaments, such as Georgetown, Harvard, and the Tournament of Champions. The travel team is a way for students to put to the test what they are learning in class, as well as an opportunity to meet great friends.

During the months we compete, coaches work hand in hand with members to conduct research, prepare arguments, and practice intensely. That is why year after year, our students and coaches continue to raise the bar, achieving victory at the largest and most difficult competitions.


A-Team is our most exclusive class, making it the crown jewel of Bergen Debate. If you are a high school student who is ambitious and hardworking, this is where you belong. Meetings occur up to four times per week where students will perfect cases and blocks, attend workshops on progressive debate, and practice debate with extensive feedback. When tournaments arrive, coaches are available for hands-on support. Between tournaments, members can access our exclusive newsletter curated on a weekly basis to include the most relevant current events and academic research on a given topic. Even more, members of this exclusive class will receive guidance throughout the college admissions process. Join the A-Team. Be the best.

High School & College Interview Prep

Our mission is to help students succeed both inside and outside of debate. To that end, we offer a High School and College application package. This is for anyone who is working to improve their interviewing skills and is in the process of applying to schools. Students who register will receive an initial consultation, intimate coaching throughout the entire application process, and an opportunity to participate in a mock interview. These steps will guarantee that your student has the greatest chance of being accepted to their dream school. Bergen Debate wants your application and interview to shine.

Private Lessons

Everyone learns at their own pace and our coaching staff is fully committed to making sure that no student is left behind. That is why if students miss class, or feel lost, they can request additional instruction. This allows students to work privately with a coach who will tailor their lessons and activities to meet students’ individual needs. When attending a private class, students are encouraged to bring any questions or concerns that they would like addressed.

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