Registration for the  2023 Summer Programs - Session 1, Session 2, and August Intensive will open in February, 2023.
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Workshops and PF Labs

June 27 -July 8*
9:30 - 12:00
12:30 - 3:00
9:30 - 3:00
*Closed on July 4th 
​Workshops and PF Labs

July 11 - July 22
9:30 - 12:00
12:30 - 3:00
9:30 - 3:00

August 22 - 26

9:00 - 3:00


Bergen Debate Club Summer Workshops GR 6-8 (Fall 2023)
Morning / Afternoon Options 

The Morning Program offers a series of modules for students to enhance their listening skills, form critical thinking directives, constructively work in teams, and participate in Model United Nations. All of the classes provide myriad opportunities for students to improve their public speaking prowess. We emphasize to our students how to think logically when faced with challenges and puzzles in an individual and collective setting. Students who have prior debate knowledge are placed into a competitive, yet less daunting environment. Both novice and experienced students will learn to apply their knowledge and theories in a completely new manner, and most importantly, they will have fun along the way!


The Afternoon Program provides a collective of modules for students to improve their presentation skills, expand their critical thinking capabilities, work harmoniously in teams, and participate in the Young Entrepreneurship Seminar. Each of the classes emphasize the significance of public speaking, and students are taught how to properly construct their rhetoric in a manner that encompasses logos, pathos, and ethos. Students who have prior experience in debate will be placed into a new setting that removes them from the strict format of argumentation, and so, both novice and experienced students start on an equal foundation. The games, puzzles, and challenges that students will face are foremost fun and students will understand how to analyze the shortcoming and excellence of both themselves and their classmates. 


Students enrolled in the Full Day experience receive the best of both sessions with no overlap. All of the students will receive a half-hour break after the end of the Morning Session at Noon for thirty minutes before resuming at 12:30 PM for the second half of the Program. This cohort will be able to participate in a full-day’s worth of brain teasers, puzzles, and challenges that will test their listening comprehension, note-taking effectiveness, analytical capabilities, presentation skills, critical thinking prowess, and participate in both Model United Nation and the Young Entrepreneurship Seminar. Due to the manner in which the Team Building and Critical Thinking classes are taught in the Morning and Afternoon Sessions, students will not repeat any lessons offered in both of the Sessions. All of our students previously enrolled in the Full Day experience have noted how much they’ve grown in our short time together, and this is reflected in their work ethic, public speaking, and characters. We are eager to join you on your journey to enjoying the Full Day experience and we know that every single day, regardless of the lessons that are synthesized, you will have fun each step of the way!


Bergen Debate Club Summer PF  Labs GR 7-9 (Fall 23)

Our PF Labs centralize on the analyses of the two potential topics for the months of September and October. Gaining as much background and specific knowledge as possible through structured topic analyses will give our students a competitive advantage at the start of the debate season. Students from previous PF Labs have consistently cited their time with us over the Summer as a significant reason for their impressive track-records in state-level and national-level tournaments throughout September and October. The incoming cohort will be split into the appropriate classes based on their class level during the academic year, age, and grade.


Who should enroll? 

PF Labs are intended for students with at least one year of prior experience in debate (at or beyond the Nov/JV class level in the Spring Semester) with intentions to start competing in the upcoming debate season. The grade levels potential students must be within the range of rising 7th graders to rising 12th graders. The students enrolling in PF Labs do not need background knowledge on the September/October topics.

Bergen Debate Club  Introduction to Public Forum / Lincoln Douglas
GR 9-11 (Fall 2023)

The Public Forum (PF) format of debate is an internationally recognized structure for competitions and tournaments. Regardless of where they begin, all students graduate and spend the entirety of their competitive careers with PF. Once students are able to apply the lessons learned in this class into practice, they will be able to compete and travel to any state-level and national-level competitions (upon meeting proper qualifications guidelines set for these respective tournaments). We will provide students the foundation for PF and give them the knowledge of what they need to know in order to hit the ground running at the start of the season. 


Who should enroll? 

The Summer Workshop for Introduction to Public Forum is intended only for rising and current high schools with no previous experience in debate--otherwise noted as “Novice” students.


Bergen Debate Club August Intensive GR 6-12 (Fall 23)

The August Intensive Program is designed to ensure that students have the greatest comparative advantage possible when travelling to state-level and national-level tournaments. Students in the August Intensive Program are asked to prepare beforehand for the upcoming two topics (for September/October) when it is listed on the NSDA website. Although a topic analysis will be provided in-depth, the Program operates with more success when students come prepared. The incoming class will be divided based on age, grade level, and existing and/or potential partnerships. 


Who should enroll? 

The August Intensive Program is for students who have competed previously in a state-level or national-level tournament with BCDC or through school affiliation. Enrollment is invite-only and is intended for students seeking to secure bids.